Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 13 Part 2

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They have waited for a few days, and this day finally someone came out, and then they took a closer look and felt he resembled the Sect Master.

Elder Mei said: “Looking at the path’s direction, are they going to Dingtian Academy?”

“Seems to be.”

Elder Mei said: “That’s just right, we walk.”

“What walk?”

Elder Mei rolled her eyes, and has not opened the mouth, another elder made noise: “You are silly, the Wang family is in a special situation, we can’t mix in for a while, but will the Dingtian Academy still not be able to be mixed into?”

“Also right ……No, you dare to scold me as silly!”

“Do not quarrel, think about how to get in.”

Elder Miao: “Leave it to me.”

Several other people: “……”

Dingtian Academy is similar to an ordinary academy. The difference is that it covers a large area and a large campus.

The people here like studying but besides studying they are also skilled in martial arts. They are a group of disciples, scholar-soldiers, a bunch of clever people, who are rare in the Jianghu. The world has said that the scholars meet soldiers and have affairs they cannot clearly explain, they can be replaced by the Dingtian Academy. The sleeves compared to their counterparts also reprimand early, and when researching the household, the overall strength is very strong.

Wenren Heng and several people go all the way into the study, waiting for Principal Ge to get the rare book.

In the end, they all came tumultuously. They didn’t wait to go to the academy, and gradually calmed down there. Manor Lord Wei recovered his smile and saw surnamed Ding robbed the position he wanted to sit on, and even had the mood to smile in front of Principal Ge and asked: “Hey, is that thing a sword manuscript?”

Principal Ge is stunned, and then thought that Pavilion Master Ding was of swordsman background, which obviously marked him with problems. The cold sweat “brushed” down, and he only listened to the Pavilion Lord Ding sneer: “You don’t have to respond to him, that time dealing with the Demon Head, some person made two errors against me, but now I don’t feel bad about it.”

“People are old and have problems. I don’t remember if a person made two errors against you.” Manor Lord Wei’s smile was from ear to ear. “I only know that somebody’s treasured sword was broken. After that, even almost cried with the sword held. Oh, that picture……”

Pavilion Master Ding’s eyes are cold, and one doesn’t know how many times he want to chop up this fatty.

Principal Ge’s head was cold and sweaty and he ran away.
The rest of the seniors all looked terrible and didn’t open their eyes, drinking tea with their cups and ignoring them. These two people added up are over a hundred years old, and each time they will still fight without end, since young they fight several times because of this, and now the old things are mentioned again.

The Alliance Master had a headache: “Alright, everyone say less words.”

As he was selected by Wudang and Shaolin, and the two people Wei and Ding was willing to give him face and shut their mouths.

Principal Ge came back very quickly. He held an exquisite wooden box in his hand and opened it in front of everyone. He took out a book with a black background and red markings. The book had three words written on it.

This is what countless people dreamed of in the past, and it has almost become a manual of legends. Even if some of the seniors in the room are still calm, they can’t help but stand up. Manor Lord Wei also received a few smiles, looked at the book slightly seriously and asked Principal Ge: “You said that the content is different, how different?”

Principal Ge reached out and opened the first page himself. What was written on the first page was the inscription, naming “ugly fruit”. Everyone still have not read out the name, and Principal Ge has turned over another page. The second page reads: Pursuing Complete Dispulsion first form, horizontal horse crossing the original.

Everyone inwardly drew a breath, conspired and read rapidly, could only see the following words: legs open, tips of toes forward, qi submerged in Dantian, two knees outside supports, chest pulled back, empty spirit forehead energy, lower waist, fists on the side, palm upward, thus, horizontal horse crossing the original.

One of the seniors hesitated to ask: “Why is this somewhat strange?”

Wenren Heng smiled and didn’t speak.

Ye You is not so considerate, smiled and said: “To reply to senior, this is Horse Stance.”

Everyone: “…”

Everyone looked at the piece of paper and itched to see a pattern.

Principal Ge smiled bitterly and turned over a page. The above is the second form, “Dragon and Tiger’s Power”. It is very complicated to write. In summary, it is a stepping punch, a straight fist and an uppercut.

Principal Ge continued to turn over. The back is all the basic skills that even children will do. The whole book reveals a thick taste of “I am playing you.”

Everyone is silent.

“This is what I said is strange,” Principal Ge looked around for a week, slowly said, “But it is not so simple, you listen to me.”


I acknowledge I totally gave up in some areas throughout this part.

For those having trouble understanding, Principal Ge supposedly found a legendary martial arts manual that can make a user super powerful, but it turns out the copy he found is a big joke, full of instructions for beginners.

Horse stance is cliche and extremely basic. You may have seen it before depicted in films or tv shows. Below is an example.



Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 13 Part 1

Ye You and Wenren Heng at first thought the poisoner probably wanted to bring people to Suzhou. They never knew the true intentions of the other party, but now they understand.

Wenren Heng said: “Dingtian Academy and Wang family are only separated by a river, and there are many years of friendship. After the Wang family’s backyard is full, some people who have made good friends with them, apart from using an inn, another option is to go to Dingtian Academy to lodge. Friends with other friends, there’s a lot of people to lodge recently,” he said. After analyzing, he looked at Principal Ge, and asked, “Principal Ge last time proposed to let everyone move out of the Wang family, in addition to thinking on behalf of Lord Wang, actually wants people to leave Suzhou?”

Principal Ge stiffened, after a the moment he appeared to have unloaded a heavy burden, sighed a breath lightly: “Worthy are you of being School Master Wenren.”

This could be counted as admitting.

The words spoke in this way was very transparent.

The strength of Dingtian Academy is strong. Although it is not in the top ten on the rivers and lakes, it is no problem to enter the top 20. It is very difficult to sneak in to steal things. But if one where to create a big event, and some outsiders were sent to the Dingtian Academy, letting it become confusing, things will be much easier.

Although the Wang family has withdrawn from the Jianghu, Lord Wang is very respected and is the most suitable candidate. At that time, people’s attention is on the Wang family. The poisoner can sneak into the academy to find things, and even find opportunities to live in the academy.

When Ye You saw what was written on the small strip on Dingtian Academy’s thief, he guessed this layer.

Of course, it’s just not enough to guess. They tried to anger Lord Wang and let him come forward to clarify the matter. The person who drugged naturally couldn’t get the evidence and confront Lord Wang. After the last incident, the Wang family stepped up the patrol and then the posted notice was very troublesome, and the longer the situation dragged, the more unfavorable it was. So the person took the risk again last night and was unfortunately hit by Principal Ge.

Wenren Heng asked: “Didn’t catch him?”

Principle Ge said: “He escaped.”

Manor Lord Wei looked at Principal Ge and his expression of friendliness was somewhat heavy, bringing out a bit of the majesty of a top leader: “You know it from the beginning?”

Principal Ge shook his head: “I just have some suspicions, but there is no evidence.”

Wenren Heng steadily rubbed the tea cup and did not speak again, waiting for the reaction of Manor Lord Wei.

Principal Ge is a senior in the end. Waiting for the matter to be illuminated, if he doesn’t admit and say “Family matters should not trouble others”, he can’t force him as a junior, but Manor Lord Wei’s presence is different.
That year’s “Slaughter Demon” incident had the team brought by Manor Lord Wei and Pavilion Master Ding. When they encircled the Demon Head, they were seriously injured. No one knows more about the power of the Lantern Extinguishing Poison than them. Now the Lantern Extinguishing Poison reappeared in the Jianghu. In any case, Manor Lord Wei will do whatever to uncover the other party, and will ask clearly, no matter who the person is – this is why he asked someone to invite over Manor Lord Wei.

Manor Lord Wei tempered his tone: “Since it is suspicious, you should know what he wants to steal. If it is convenient, come out and make a bait. It is not convenient for us to find another way, you have to take your enemy. If there is doubt on this matter, or something about the people concerned, tell us.”

Principal Ge was silent for a moment, said: “I’m afraid that you don’t believe it. A dog accidentally picked up a martial arts manual on a cliff a few days ago…” He hesitated, lowering his voice and hoarsely said, “It is… is “Pursuing Complete Dispulsion”. (1)

When this was said, the eyes of Manor Lord Wei and Wenren Heng changed, and even Ye You’s heart skipped for no reason, but his face remained slack and he looked at shixiong.

Wenren Heng did not explain, but pacifying, patted his hand. Ye You will be clear about it in a while. At this time, Manor Lord Wei solely opened his mouth: “Are you sure?”

Principal Ge said: “The three words are written above, but the content is very strange. In exactly what way, there is no harm in everyone going with me to have a look.”

Manor Lord Wei immediately got up, but it was followed by a stop.

He stayed in a top position for a long time, and he saw things more thoroughly. He said: “I can’t do it. I was involved in the ‘Slaughter Demon’ incident. I also touched Lamp Extinguishing Poison, and even sent people and strength to Dingtian Academy. Let alone me, almost everyone living here also was, and it’s not good to say. but even the Wang family may have a thief, to be called thief.”

Principal Ge did not speak, but the heart actually agreed.
For several days he has also considered this situation, and therefore has been hesitant to say or not say.

Wenren Heng said: “Is Elder Uncle Wei wanting to call everyone?”
Manor Lord Wei said: “Now everyone is suspected, either we will follow this matter, keeping it quiet and secretly check, or in advance we are not suspected, and simply all go, whoever has problems it is easy to observe.”

Principal Ge said: “All go, no matter who, I just want everyone to see what I got.”

He said so, Wenren Heng and them have no opinion.

The four of them then neatly called the people and said the guess. The look of Pavilion Lord Ding and Alliance Master and other people have also changed. Most of them have participated in the “Slaughter Demon” incident. What is meant by “Pursuing Complete Dispulsion” is clear.

During this period, Wenren Heng took the opportunity to solve the confusion for shidi: “I already told you that the Demon Head, for one manual, serially slaughtered three families, that manual is “Pursuing Complete Dispulsion”.”

Ye You’s heart shook, but his face was calm, he made a “hm” sound.

A few people did not delay, went straight to the Dingtian Academy, and the nearby Jianghu people were endlessly astonished. Everyone watched them go far, and began to whisper, and talked about it. They always felt that something was going wrong. The evidence is that the bosses are very serious.

Not far away, the elders of the Demonic Sect also sneaked and looked.


The martial arts manual is called 《追成散》 and there’s lots of ways to translate it but I don’t know how to make it sound cool 😦

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 12 Part 2

Translated by spearpoint translations


Nowadays, the leaders of the two major forces in the Jianghu live in the Wang household, the Alliance Master and several seniors also live at Wang household, Fengxian Manor and Lingjian Pavilion have also transferred a lot of experts to watch guard. Others may feel that they are impregnable, but to Wenren Heng, hush-hush information is still very easy to pass into Lord Wang’s place.

So two days later, the sky was not yet fully lit, and Ye You heard a noisy sound outside, accompanied by a woman’s crying. He turned over and half-consciously rubbed onto a pillow, immediately his thoughts were blanked in a flash, and he suddenly sat up.

Wenren Heng was mistakenly recognized as a pillow. He had not been tempted to do anything, but he was ruthlessly abandoned. He couldn’t touch shidi and only discovered he rubbed wrong or other reasons. He asked: “Didn’t sleep?”

Ye You listened to the sound of activity for a while and facing him, asked if he wanted to know if he dared do it.

Only this one glance, Wenren Heng understand which one is, and said: “If you don’t sleep, then rise, Lord Wang has not gone out for so many days. It’s reckoned he’s furious. Let’s go and see.”

The two men tidied up and went to the front courtyard by sound. It was not too late.

The front courtyard has long been turned over, and Lord Wang can no longer described with “furious”. He obviously learned of the notices and was trembling all over. Perhaps because of the torture of the Lantern Extinguishing Poison, his cheeks are abnormally pale, his eyes are red, his eye sockets are sunken, his lips are cracked, and his look of anger is on display at the moment, looking very malevolent.

He shook his finger at the front door: “Open…Open the door, preposterous, this matter must be explained!”

Wang Family Head hurriedly supported him, for fear that of his great anger. Lord Wang puffed his beard, stared at him, and was very dissatisfied with his lack of clarification these days. Wang Family Head had unspeakably bitter suffering. In fact, his heart was uncertain. He was afraid that his old father had done things in the past, so he did not dare to rush action.

Ye You stood aside, watching Lord Wang push his son aside to go outside, and sighed softly: “A sin, Lord Wang is so old, the other party poisoning is not enough, but also sent a notice to provoke him, really lacks morality. ”

Wenren Heng nodded. “The person who came up with this idea is also very wicked.”

Several people from Manor Lord Wei and Pavilion Master Ding also rushed to see Lord Wang actually get out of bed, and they were surprised. They didn’t dare step forward to advise, fearing that the old man was angry. However, Lord Wang’s determination has been set, and Wang Family Head can only obey and help the father to go outside.

The sky is getting brighter, and there are not many people on the street, but when the old man walks to Luoyin Bridge on the main street, people have already heard the news and surrounded it. Several elders of the Demonic Sect have come to the fore, and Miao Wang suddenly said: “I somehow think that person is a bit like Sect Master?”

Others immediately asked: “Which one? Where at?”

Miao Wang said: “It is the one around Wenren Heng, and his face is covered with cloth.”

Several people hastily raised heads, but at this time a large group of people came in and at this moment happened to obscure their line of sight. From here looking there could only glimpse in the crowd a sort of especially miserable “white lantern”.

“…” They almost moved to tears collectively. “Where do you see it’s like Sect Master?”

Miao Wang said: “The figure is a bit like.”

Several people always thought that he is not reliable, whispers: “Is it possible for Sect Master and him to be together? Previously, I saw them fight.”

“That’s right.”

“But contrarily, Sect Master towards him there is some specialness, he had also said to us before not to act against him.”

They discussed and decided to have a look, but at this time Wenren Heng, as if aware, had his gaze swept over to them, they halted immediately, and pretended to earnestly appear to look at the Luoyin Bridge.

“I told you that he sometimes is really very terrifying.”


“…The old man is not here today for anything else. He wants to say a few words to the poisoner.” Lord Wang was still talking. He was poisoned and after a few sentences he will gasp a few large breaths. “The old man lived this entire life up to now, I have been sitting upright, I have a clear conscience before the heavens, I have a clear conscience before the earth, I have a clear conscience before the ancestors of the Wang family and its sect, and even clear conscience of my heart! You said that the old man has done bad things, then today, in front of the heroes of the world, come out to confront, if it is really is the old man’s blame, the old man will immediately extend his neck for execution!”

Lord Wang was very popular with people. There were some people who did not believe the words on the notice. At this moment, they immediately expressed their support, which led to the reconciliation of many people. Ye You only saw it here and followed Wenren Heng to walk away. The elders of the Demonic Sect sneaked a few steps and felt he really resembled a bit.

But they were seen by Wenren Heng again and decided to avoid and look for an opportunity to confirm.

Lord Wang’s words were not many, and after speaking he waited in spite of his pain. After waiting for a while, he waited until the body was somewhat finding it difficult to endure and he had to be supported going back. The sun went down, he waited but the poisoner did not appear.

Unconsciously, it has been two days.

The Wang family waited for the poisoner to come out. The Demonic Sect people continued to find ways to contact the “lantern”. The people of the whole city and the people of the Jianghu were watching and the situation remained unclear.

On the third day in the morning, Ye You usually received a small strip from Knife-Scar Man, and unfolded to begin to look at it. He and shixiong looked at each other, founded someone to invite Principal Ge of the Dingtian Academy and Manor Lord Wei to come. Wenren Heng said: “Early morning, I heard last night there was a thief in Dingtian Academy, and fought with Principal Ge. Is it okay?”

Principal Ge replied: “No problem, only a small thief.”

Wenren Heng said: “I heard that a few days ago, the Dingtian Academy also had a thief?”

Principal Ge looked at him: “Well, a few people whose hands and feet are not clean infiltrated.”

Manor Lord Wei heard some other meanings: “Xiao Heng, there is something to say.”

Wenren Heng said: “I think I know why the person poisoned Lord Wang, because there is ulterior motive, a diversion – declaring an attack on the east and striking the west.”

As soon as the voice fell, Principal Ge’s expression suddenly somewhat changed.

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 12 Part 1

Translated by Spearpoint Translations

Divine Doctor Ji muttered: “Strange ……”

Wenren Heng’s hand at his side clenched, and he wanted to ask, but he is afraid of interrupting the other person’s thoughts, and can only watch unblinkingly with his eyes. Ye You also looked at the Divine Doctor, waiting for his next words.

Divine Doctor Ji released his hand, his mind was still floating in a distant place, and he stroked his beard a moment. After a while, he said: “Your internal strength is still like that, there appears to be none.”

Ye You wanted to make a sound, Wenren Heng already impatiently asked: “Why did senior say strange just now?”

“Because the medicine I prescribed is cultivated strongly, and of stable internal force, his internal strength is still no good, but it shouldn’t be as bad as to resemble this, to make someone unable to scout it out.” Divine Doctor Ji looked at Ye You. “This can only show that your internal strength has a great deal of issues. After the injury, has a person delivered a strike?”

Ye You shook his head.

Divine Doctor Ji asked: “And you have never used internal forces? Didn’t use effort?”

Ye You said: “Tried to use.”

Ji Shen Medical Road: “Did Dan Tian point(1) hurt?”

Ye You said: “No pain, no feeling.”

Divine Doctor Ji handed over the tea cup on the table, indicating that he should lightly grasp it with internal force to see what the body feels. Ye You took it over and made a slight effort. He only listened to the sound of “ka”, and the tea cup broke directly into pieces.

He let go of his hand and told Divine Doctor Ji that he still didn’t feel it.

Divine Doctor Ji looked at the residue of the cup and consulted a diagnosis. He found that it was the same as before.

“I have been in this situation for the first time since I went to practice medicine,” Divine Doctor Ji thought for a while, then told, “You come over every three days. Before I find the reason, just in case it’s best you don’t randomly use internal force.”

Ye You naturally listened to the doctor, seeing that he was not prepared to prescribe medicine, he slowly stood up and asked about Lord Wang’s situation before leaving, and then he followed shixiong to leave and returned to the small courtyard.

“Shixiong, I have one…”

Ye You said half his words. His wrist was suddenly seized, and then pulled by a force, he fell into a warm embrace, his nose was full of a familiar light fragrance, with a consistent gentle flavor.

He suddenly stopped, Wenren Heng took advantage of this pause, and pressed his sleeping point.

Ye You raised his head.

Wenren Heng and him were face to face.

Last time’s “night walking sickness” incident at the inn, Wenren Heng was always aware, but it was just not clear. Today, after listening to the words of Divine Doctor Ji, he suddenly remembered this, and tried it. But he thought that shidi last time didn’t know the way to cure the acupuncture point. He didn’t expect it to work regardless.

He let go of the person in his arms, quickly struck, and pressed a few other points on shidi, stepping back half a step: “How?”

Ye You responded and went to the table and sat down: “It seems that pressing points is useless on me.”

This is really abnormal. He can’t help but take a deep breath. He just wanted to immediately find out what matter happened to shidi’s body. Becoming like this, could it be a qi deviation? But if it really is a qi deviation, why can’t Divine Doctor Ji see it?

He forced himself to calm down and looked at his shidi: “You truly don’t feel uncomfortable?”

Ye You honestly said: “Truly.”

Wenren Heng asked: “In your impression, is there a medicine that can make you like this?”

Ye You said: “If there is, I have already said to Divine Doctor Ji.”

Wenren Heng silenced for a while, suppressed the unrest in his heart, weighed the pros and cons, and felt that Divine Doctor Ji’s medical skills were still very trustworthy, so it’s better to let Divine Doctor Ji try it first. If it still doesn’t work, he will bring shidi back to Xiaoqing Mountain and see the Demonic Sect’s band of people to see if there are any methods.

He said: “If you feel uncomfortable, tell me right away.”

Ye You of course knows that shixiong is worried about himself and nodded.

Wenren Heng subconsciously raised his arm and couldn’t bear to stop holding shidi’s hand.

Losing is not painful. The pain is that what he thinks he has regained, actually has not been grasped thoroughly, and he would suddenly lose it.

Ye You looked at him and saw that he grasped to release, and his face was still a calm look, as if all the thoughts and emotions were hidden under the unalarmed expression, making people unable to explore. He even poured a cup of tea for each of them and returned the strip he had previously taken away.

Wenren Heng asked: “Just now, what did you want to say to me?”

Ye You glanced at him again and slowly realized that “just now” meant that he was interrupted when he entered the house. He ordered his mind and said, “I have an idea.”

Wenren Heng waited for the following.

Ye You said: “I asked Divine Doctor Ji, Lord Wang’s body is still pretty good, it is estimated that even if not careful and he hears a few things, there would still be no problem.”

Wenren Heng smiled indulgently: “Got it.”

Ye You is particularly comfortable, smiled and unfolded the note and surmised. Looked at him: “What do you say?”

“It is possible,” Wenren Heng said, “You can try.”


  1. A point two inches below the navel where one’s qi is said to reside

This chapter part was tender and funny ^^

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 11 Part 2

Wang Family Head was silent for a while and shook his head: “Uncle Ge, this won’t do. If you really move, people will definitely think that we are guilty of mischief, and at that time we won’t be able to explain clearly, our Wang family can’t be afraid of him.”

Principal Ge spoke, soft and startled: “Yes, also, I think it’s simple. I just want to catch the person as soon as possible… Ah yes, let’s catch him and the truth will be clear. Other people wouldn’t talk more then?”

“This…” Wang Family Head couldn’t hold it this time and looked Alliance Master and the others.

“Too awkward and risky,” Pavilion Master Ding’s character was straightforward, and asked coldly. “If the poisoner sees the situation is not good, and doesn’t come out, what’s to be done? Or he ignores us and continues to post notices in Suzhou City? Do we care or not care?”

Principal Ge was speechless, the sentences made sense, and he no longer disorderly threw out ideas.

There is too little information available today, and others have no good idea at the moment. The Alliance Master looked at Wei and Ding: “Do you have any clues? That year’s “Slaughter Demon” situation didn’t have a careless mistake?”

“No, at that time we personally looked at the Demon Head and saw his dying breath. Many people around it saw it. He couldn’t live.” Manor Lord Wei said, “That Demon Head was a lone wolf, and there is only martial arts in his eyes. There is no confidante, there may be little possibility of a future generation, and even if there are future generations, you should not look for revenge for Lord Wang. It may be even more likely to find me. After all, at that time it was I who personally…”

Pavilion Master Ding looked at him with a cold glance.

Manor Lord Wei chucked, and was disinclined to lower himself to the same level: “It’s I and Pavilion Master Ding and others who went together to put the blade to Demon Head with our own hands. Lord Wang just participated in slaughtering the demon is all, therefore we discussed it in the past few days, and think this doesn’t have much to do with that in the past, unless there is something that we don’t know happened during that time.”

“Well, let’s start with why only toward Lord Wang someone would apply a drug.” Alliance Master paused speaking and he looked at the Wang Family Head again and ask if Wang Family could have an enemy. Wang Family Head early thought about it after the accident, but he did not have a clue, and he can only shake his head.

Alliance Master asked: “Asked younger Lord Wang yet?”

Wang Family Head said: “I asked, my father can’t think of who would start with him.”

Alliance Master frowned: “Then we can only wait to see what the other party wants to do next.”

Wang Family Head is afraid that the other party will again give his father dirty water. He can’t wait, and want them to call out and think of a neat idea to catch the person, but feared that this situation was not good.

He was anxious, but he knew that the main reason now was that their Wang Family could not provide anything useful, moving lips, he could only agree with the decision of the Alliance Master. Then he called the housekeeper, and exhorted, told him that he must have been noticed, and he cannot go wrong again.

The housekeeper said yes, and instructed he went on.

The elders of the Demonic Sect are now nested not far from the door of the Wang family.

On that day, they unanimously rejected the proposal of Elder Miao, but Elder Miao has always liked to say something particularly horrible in a serious tone. For example, the Sect Master may be waiting for them to save him, perhaps his identity was seen through and he was shut in for beatings. Maybe people think that he is good looking and he was sold into the imperial palace to be castrated. Maybe the old man Wang is really abnormal and likes to eat humans.

The rest of the people couldn’t stand it. Seeing that Miao Elder insisted on trying to go and sell once, it turned to joint action, and for him they changed looks, and tore his clothes into strips. They watched him go and then he was rejected without any accident.

They looked at Elder Miao expressionessly return, not speaking.

After a brief silence, Miao Elder said: “I still have a way to dress up as a sage and say that their family has evil spirits. That Extinguishing Lantern Poison, I can try to solve it.”

Several people:”……”

Elder Miao said he would dare and he would, and changed his appearance and outfit and once again made his way to the Wang family. During this period, the housekeeper just passed the order to the gate guards. Then he heard that someone wanted to sell body. His brain was better than the guards. He immediately told them that again someone should be detained first, talked to later.

At this moment, Elder Miao was still walking to the gate, and several others continue to nest and look at the corner.

“I really don’t think this idea is reliable.”

“I agree, but Miao Wang toward whatever business he sets his heart, ten bulls can not pull him back, he just listens to the Sect Master’s words, he is this way because he’s also too worried about the Sect Master.”

“No, this is not the key point. The key point is that Miao Wang will not give up on the goal with his attitude. If his patience is used up completely and he begins to set down poisonous insects, and is discovered by others, Lord Wang will definitely put this matter on our heads to detain our Demonic Sect, no escape.”


The scene was deathly still for a moment, and Elder Mei in the next moment noticed that the guard’s expression was not right, and immediately informed them.

A few people said nothing but rushed over to hold Elder Miao: “Heavenly Master, we finally found you, last time’s method was effective, our lord’s daughter asks you to do it again! Let’s go!”

A few people raised Elder Miao aloft and rumbled away.

Elder Miao: “…”

The guards prepared to detain: “…”

The dust smoke swayed and disappeared after a long time, and the guards looked at each other.

“Was that really a Heavenly Master? He said that there is evil spirits. In fact, I also think that the family is quite like that recently…”

“Well, do you want to bring back the Heavenly Master? Or go buy daoist talismans?”

“Buy talismans!”

The guards separated and chased. They couldn’t find anyone for a long time. They asked people around them, and they said that they didn’t see it. They finally felt that something was wrong. They quickly went back and told the housekeeper. The housekeeper told the Family Head. Wang Family Head called the Alliance Master and others and they discussed it again. They found that there was no clue and could only paint a portrait and paste it all over the city.

Elder Mei tore a piece back and threw it to Elder Miao: “Pass as a Heavenly Master huh, just two days and the whole city has you as a wanted man!”

Elder Miao is silent immediately.

In the blink of an eye, it was three days. No matter if it was the poisoner or the two suspicious people who went to the door that day, they did not appear again. Ye You looked at the strips of various interesting things in the city for a few days, and looked at it with some thoughts, narrowing his eyes.

Wenren Heng took the strip and had him return to alertness. He took him to Divine Doctor Ji. Because the medicine had been drunk for five days, it was time to have his pulse taken.

Divine Doctor Ji was also there today, and when he saw them enter the door, he let Ye You sit down, took his wrist, and frowned slightly.

He has been practicing medicine for many years, and these days infrequently knitted his brows, Wenren Heng’s heart immediately jumped.

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 11 Part 1

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2)Things get lost in translation due to my spotty cultural knowledge. In Chapter 9 Part 2 there seemed to be some joke around Ye You initially naming his sect 黃金 Huángjīn until he started calling it Demonic Sect. I literally translated 黃金 Huángjīn as “Yellow Gold” while it could also mean “golden opportunity” or “prime time”. I didn’t know what was funny or off about it. Recently, I figured out that “Yellow Gold” is also slang for “excrement”. Ye You originally named his sect “Shit Sect”. This is an important fact about his personality everyone needs to know. I added footnote to Chapter 9 Part 2.


The group of “heroes” ultimately failed to fulfill their wish of calling the person to be carried to Fengchun Building.

They were swept away by the gentle-eyed look of Wenren Heng, and didn’t why they felt a bit cold. They thought the person was indeed worthy of being a School Master. The imposing manner is different from ordinary people!

They immediately said goodbye.

Ye You only played for a day. When he wanted to go out again, he heard shixiong tell him to exercise restraint. Now the poison of Lord Wang has not been completely solved. In the time they have food and lodging at another’s house, it is not appropriate for them to go out and play all day. He looked at his family’s shixiong’s serious, that-won’t-do expression, and asked: “Shixiong, is the Fengchun Building fun?”

Wenren Heng said: “I heard that it is very famous, I have never been there.”

Ye You suggested: “why not go and see at night, in general, there is a lot of news in this place, perhaps you can research who is the poisoner.”

Wenren Heng’s eyes are complicated for a moment, and doesn’t seem to know how to say it. The wording is just to pat the shoulders of shidi: “Fengchun Building is a brothel, inside… there aren’t young herdsmen(1).”

The implication is that it is useless for you to go, who makes you like men.

“…” Ye You said, “Then my heart will not go off the main subject when I check things. Shixiong, you also said that we eat and live in the Wang household. It is always necessary to give some strength.”

Wenren Heng nodded.

Ye You did not expect shixiong to be so happy, and was suddenly suspicious.

He was about to confirm it again, but then he saw that the man was calling over a few subordinates and whispering a few sentences of command, and he became silent.

Sure enough, after waiting for the subordinates to go, Wenren Heng told him: “I have let them go, they will return and report after hearing useful news,” he paused, to prevent shidi from volunteering, added, “Right now you can’t remember anything, even if you hear someone else, you don’t know if it is true or not. Just wait.”

Ye You only felt that the suspicion that had been scattered before returned to the body inch by inch, and he was shameless in the heart and temporarily obedient. He thought for a moment and said, “Let them not only listen to useful things. Any fun, strange, and fresh things will be remembered. Conveniently, they can stroll the streets.”

Wenren Heng was astonished: “Do you really want to take care of the Wang family’s matter?”

Ye You said: “We eat and dwell at their household.”

Wenren Heng said: “Truthfully?”

Ye You said: “I am idle and idling, and with difficulty I finally encountered one thing,” he said slightly, looking at his shidi, and finally added another sentence, “and I am somewhat interested in the Lantern Extinguishing Poison.”

Wenren Heng was really surprised this time, and almost didn’t control his expression.

He was asking casually. He didn’t expect his shidi to tell him honestly. Unexpectedly, he can hear these honest words.

Wenren Heng was sharp and savvy. When he thought about it, he realized that his shidi’s alertness against him was decreasing. It can be assumed that he believed that they were fellow male apprentices. He couldn’t help but recall the picture of the beautiful young boy who softly called him shixiong around him ten years ago. He immediately smiled and hoped that the present person would slowly return to being like the kind from that year.

Ye You looked at him: “Shixiong?”

Wenren Heng said “um” to get back one’s composure, was specially happy: “I’ll help you investigate.”

Ye You looked again at him for several glances, thought that just now shixiong’s smiling face was not quite usually same, it appeared to somewhat seep out harbored evil intentions.

Wenren Heng already restrained, and called his subordinates for new orders before instructing them to go, and then concentrated on accompanying his shidi.

He kept his promise, he really began to pay attention to this matter carefully, so this day when he heard that the Wang family Head sent out a messenger to call him to go to the deliberation, he also took his shidi.

Just entering the study room, the two immediately felt that the atmosphere was a bit hostile (swords drawn, bows bent), and saw the smile of the Wang family Head’s mouth, as if it had been stiff on the face. Manor Lord Wei remained appearing friendly, and Pavilion Lord Ding looked cold, like a sword about to unsheath from the scabbard, as if he can burst up at any time to slice the plump man.

At this time, they saw them. Several people took a look. Manor Lord Wei smiled and waved: “Xiao Heng come over and sit.”

Wenren Heng could tell at a glance that Manor Lord Wei and Pavilion Master Ding, for some unknown reason have begun to fight again. They were not surprised at all, and following advice, walked over with shidi. Wang family Head sighed in his heart and relaxed for a breath, he was trying to take the opportunity to say something else. He heard servant arrive to report and said that Alliance Master had arrived.

Spirit roused, he went out to welcome him.

Before, the Alliance Master was dealing with other things, and now traveled day and night to hurry over here.

He looked older than Wei and Ding, those two people, and because he always frowns, his wrinkles are deep, and he probably developed a habit. After he entered the door, he realized that he was in the middle of Wei and Ding and it appeared he had to separate the pair of fighting fowl.

He said: “I heard about it when I came. The poisoner posted a notice?”

The Wang family Head said: “Yes, we sent people in the city to try to find them in the past two days, but unfortunately there is no clue.”

“I think Suzhou City is too big, and now it is a mixture of fish and dragons (crooks and honest people), and it is easy to hide people.” Dingtian Academy’s Principal Ge said “How I see it, how about this, Wang family’s courtyard is relatively remote compared to the academy, and smaller. Let us take care of eldest brother Wang and escort him to the academy. Everyone can guard there, and if the other party has any action, it is much easier for us to find it.”

“It’s actually a method…” the Alliance Master hesitated to look at Wang family Head. “It’s still up to you to decide.”


1) 馆 guǎn means building and is part of the word for brothel. 倌 guān means herdsman. I fking loved this pun 11/10.

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 10 Part 2

Originally posted/translated by Spearpoint Translations

Ye You listened to a bunch of things, didn’t have sleepiness, laid down for a while, and said: “Today I heard that Fengxian Manor(1) and Lingjian Pavilion(2) are very powerful. The Lord of Lingjian Pavilion is the tall, thin man sitting opposite Manor Lord Wei in the daytime?”

Wenren Heng has also not slept, said: “Yes, Pavilion Lord Ding.”

Ye You said: “I also heard that the Wulin Alliance Master was just now chosen because of them, why?”

Wenren Heng laughed silently: “At that time, didn’t you ask the reason in passing?”

Ye You said: “I also wanted to, but the speaking person was already drunk, I did not ask.”

Wenren Heng said: “This is because Manor Lord Wei and Pavilion Lord Ding have always been different. It is said that this is the case since young…”

Fengxian Manor, Lingjian Pavilion, the two major powers of the Jianghu.

The Manor Lord Wei is a slick and sly person, kind and amiable to everyone, he can win over people’s hearts and gather a lot of talented and famous heroes. Pavilion Lord Ding’s character is upright and just, towards people he is serious and solemn. Some swordsmen who see Manor Lord Wei unfavorably mostly go to him.

The two have been playing for twenty or thirty years, and the two factions have more friction. Although there is no big war, every time they quarrel, many people on the Jianghu have pinched their sweat, for fear that the two will stir up the good, great peace.

In the past, Shaolin and Wudang came out to mediate, but after a long time, they all felt mentally and physically exhausted, and both sides could not discuss well. So they decided to choose a Wulin Alliance Master. They did not seek someone with high martial arts. They only wanted patience, good temper, and serving the public.

To put it bluntly, they are looking for a specialist in charge of stopping fights.

The Alliance Master was selected by Shaolin, Wudang and several other respected old factions. At the beginning, it was only to stop a fight. Later, some trivial matters were also taken care of. They were very patient and unbiased. After so many years, they were more and more respected by the Jianghu.

Therefore, in today’s Jianghu, Fengxian Manor and Lingjian Pavilion are mutually restrained, the Alliance Master from a faction mixed with others, and a balance was achieved, as long as there is no big chaos that cannot be fought out of.

Ye You closed his eyes and gradually became sleepy. After listening to it, he almost whispered subconsciously: “One family, alone and large, sooner or later will rally together to attack.”

Wenren Heng was astounded.

When shidi moved back to the Central Plains, he met him one day and listened to him telling the situation of the Jianghu. He also said this sentence. It seems that although he lost his memory, his thoughts have not changed. Of course, he also knows after living together in harmony for so many years, he was sure it was related to the restraint of the two people. Otherwise, blood will flow into the river.

He looked at the blurred outline in the dark, and he wanted to touch it. He raised his hand, but in the end dropped it.

After a night of beating, the atmosphere of the Wang family was obviously dignified the next day. The lower people bowed their heads and could not open their mouths, if they could not open their mouths, it was as if they probably changed into wooden dummies who could not ponder.

Although Ye You was somewhat snubbing his family’s shixiong, he slept quite well this night. Slowly, he followed shixiong to finish his breakfast, and he planned to go to the city again to stroll, and listen to more interesting stories of the Jianghu.

Knife-Scar Man immediately looked to his family’s School Master, Wenren Heng’s heart wanted to laugh, and slowly followed up with shidi: “Shidi will accompany you to go.”

Ye You is moved: “Shixiong, I know that you are especially good to me.”

“Well, anyway I can be even better toward you. I will not let you go out alone today.” Wenren Heng intercepted what he wanted to say in advance, and seriously said, “It’s so chaotic outside, with great difficulty I found you, of course I should protect you well.”

The words Ye You wanted to say were aborted(3), and he thought about shixiong’s degree of shamelessness and give up resistance.

He met a lot of friends yesterday and just went to the street and met a few to say hello. Wenren Heng smiled by his side and looked around, until he heard that they had to ask shidi to go be seated at Fengchun Building this night, then the space between his eyebrows jumped. Advancing forward to prepare to change the topic, at this time, they were suddenly shocked by the line of sight, and could not help but look up.

They saw the window on the second floor of the street inn was closed and couldn’t see anything.

He took another look and turned back.

The person in a room on the second floor closed the window and let out a sigh of relief: “Very abnormal, frightening.”

Several other people in the room asked: “Who?”

That person said: “Wenren Heng.”

“He is here too?”

“Yeah, by his side there seems to be people around, but it is blocked by the scaffolding placed underneath. I didn’t see who it is,” the man went to the table and sat down. “Do you all really think Sect Master will be at Wang household? But didn’t something recently happen to the Wang household? Sect Master has been missing for a long time.”

Someone said: “Just in case he did sneak into the Wang household before, all along, in secret layout, and is now rising in revolt?”

“It is possible. The matter of the Wang family is still a big deal now. How do we get in?”

Elder Miao said: “Hey…sell-body?”

The remaining few people looked at him, Elder Mei said: “Right now a fly can’t even fly into the Wang household, are they likely to buy – people?”

Elder Miao is silent for a bit: “Yes.”

Several people blinked.

Miao Elder said: “For example, for the old Lord to gather merit and so on.”

Several people:”……”


1) 丰贤庄(abundant + virtuous + manor)
2) 灵剑阁 (swift/spirit + sword + pavilion)
3) In raws the words are 胎死腹中 (fetus + dead + belly + center)

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 10 Part 1

Originally posted by Spearpoint Translations


Talking to Wenren Heng is a young Noble Son, bright-eyed and sharp-browed (1), with a bit of arrogance on his face.

At this time, seeing Ye You enter the door, he sized him up: “This is your shidi?”

Wenren Heng nodded, smiled and looked at shidi: “You’ve returned?”

Ye You sounded a “yeah”, and heard his family’s shixiong introduce that this is Noble Son Wei, and he greeted him politely. Noble Son Wei slightly nodded, did not again trouble them, and took his leave. Ye You poured a glass of water for himself. When he saw shixiong return after finishing sending the person off, he asked: “He is the son of Manor Lord Wei?”

“Yes, he is his family’s second noble son,” Wenren Heng walked over to his side and sat down, used the tip of his nose. “You have drank?”

Ye You’s eyes are not blinking: “Have not.”

Wenren Heng looked at him.

“The person sitting next to me drank a lot of wine, so the body came into contact with some alcohol scent,” at will, Ye You searched for a reason to deal with, and quickly changed the subject. “Noble Son Wei looked for you for the sake of his younger sister? Should it not be Manor Lord Wei’s intention?”

Wenren Heng is not at all curious about where he had heard of this matter. He responded: “I reckon that he himself wanted to ask.”

Ye You knew that this was the case. Manor Lord Wei looked so sleek and sly and would not be so impatient.

He had a mind to want to say a sentence that he can’t always take the blame, but he thought better of it, calling to mind that his brother and the Wei family have had many years of friendship. They are afraid if they speak too clearly, it would be refused too fiercely, and can only drag it, if the other party is smart and tactful enough, they will probably not mention this issue again.

He remembered the words of Knife-Scar Man and asked: “How did shixiong and Manor Lord Wei get acquainted?”

Wenren Heng was silent for an instant, said: “A decade ago, Shifu was seriously injured and died. He took the murderer with him. He arranged to help me handle matters and Shifu’s funeral arrangements.”

Ye You only just felt his heart suddenly hurt, and the whole chest was a little stuffy, but like the last time, it came quickly and also disappeared quickly. He slowly took a breath and asked: “Shifu was seriously injured? Who was he harmed by?”

“At that time, the swordsman who was called ‘The Boundless’(2) was very strong. He practiced himself into a qi deviation.(3) The internal force skyrocketed and during he killed many people. There was an injured Jianghu hero who escaped and went to Shifu to ask for help. Unexpectedly, the forefoot had just arrived, and the hind legs caught up…” Wenren Heng’s voice was calm.

Ten years ago, at that time it bound up and tore the heart, and broke the lungs of a youth, altogether at a loss and helpless, a stubborn stone, but the long river of time transformed it into fine sand. All the huge waves of suffering and hatred gradually subsided. All that was left was a portion of a disappointed and frustrated sigh, a kind of spider silk that lingered in the heart.(4)

Wenren Heng said: “At that time Manor Lord Wei with a few people, pursued after, because Shifu blocked the swordsman for a while, Manor Lord Wei and them successfully arrived and surrounded the swordsman, and then together they took him down, but Shifu sustained too heavy, incurable injuries that could not be returned from.”

He paused. “You were there at the time.”

Ye You startled: “I?”

“When I arrived… Shifu only had the last breath, and told me that I was to take good care of you for an entire lifetime, and he left.” Wenren Heng softly said, “Manor Lord Wei and them were all injured, the swordsman died twenty steps from Shifu. The hero who had asked Shifu for help died fifty feet away in the same direction, his heart and arteries were shattered, and you knelt in front of him, and from head to toe threw up blood, and pressed acupuncture points, already gone foolish, no matter how much I called for you, it if was as if you weren’t able to hear.”

Ye You frowned.

Ten years ago, shidi was just a teenager, unexpectedly encountered huge changes, and shouldn’t manage to others. He can remember this way so clearly. It’s definitely because after the event, he recalled it all the time, so much that he returned to the place of the large battle to have a look. But when all is said and done, it was very painful, so for what reason had this person forced himself to go and want those details?  

His head was covered with cloth, and Wenren Heng couldn’t see him frowning. Only when he was listening carefully, he continued: “I asked Manor Lord Wei before, they said at that time you were like that, afterward I thought about it. I think it’s probably that Shifu wanted you to run, but you did not agree, Shifu then allowed the hero to press your acupuncture points and take you away. But in the end the hero could not escape the murderous pursuit and died. Maybe the madman still wanted to kill you, but they were stopped by Shifu and the others.”

Ye You carefully recalled and found that there was still a blank in the brain. Nothing can be remembered. He can only ask: “I was exactly sick like that?”

Wenren Heng said: “Yes.”

Ye You asked again: “Later how did I get better?”

Wenren Heng took a cup of tea and drank, and did not answer his question for the first time, even if just to say a sentence to handle him with, “drank good medicine” or “don’t know”.

He put down the teacup and glanced at shidi. He said softly: “It’s not early, go wash, I will give you medicine.”

The inquiry in Ye You’s head was abruptly stopped. He couldn’t get up, and he couldn’t stand down, and silently watched Wenren Heng. Seeing that shixiong was really not ready to say it, he wondered about the reason and got up to go wash.

Knife-Scar Man then went through the door and said everything about today in detail. Wenren Heng heard that his shidi had drank two glasses of wine, and secretly thought it was as expected.

Knife-Scar Man recalled the intoxicated words of that group of people, and did not know whether to laugh or cry: “They said a lot of things, disorderly messes.”

“Also, he won’t really believe it.” Wenren Heng said, secretly pondering that his family’s shidi will probably only figure out two things. First, the Demonic Sect is not at all a malevolent faction school. Second, Sect Master Ye very much may not show up in public often, otherwise he has been in the Central Plains for several years, but everyone toward him would not have a description so mysterious and fantastical.

Of course, shidi may also consider whether he is the same person, but… the name of the “Yellow Gold Sect” should allow the shidi to give up on his misgivings.

He smiled with a corner of his mouth.

To be honest, he also especially wants to know why shidi initially will choose such a name.

It was only until Ye You came back and sat down and was finished with having medicine smeared that he suddenly realized one thing: “Where am I going to sleep tonight?”

Wenren Heng said like it was proper and right as a matter of course, by heaven’s laws and earth’s principals: “With me, sleep in one room.”

Ye You reminded: “Shixiong, right now we are not outside.”

Wenren Heng educated him: “The poisoner has not appeared yet, and there are no clues. Can’t be careless.”

Ye You looked forward to be able to see the poisoner, and also wanted to ask of the Lantern Extinguishing Poison’s matter, but he knows other people have no reason to come to him here, he can only be resigned, skillfully reclining on the big bed, leaving the outside to shixiong.

The candle goes out, and the entire bedroom calmed down immediately.


  1. The actual phrase used is 目星眉剑 Mù xīng méi jiàn (eye + star + eyebrow + sword) which is used to describe a man as handsome by his features.  
  2. The actual name is 一字苍茫 Yī zì cāngmáng and 一字 is a row or a single character and 苍茫 refers to the vastness (of the blue sky).
  3. wikipedia: Qi Deviation is a “Chinese-culture concept traditionally used to indicate that something has gone wrong in spiritual or martial arts training. The qigong community uses this term to describe a physiological or psychological disorder believed to result during or after qigong practice, due to “improper practice” of qigong and other self-cultivation techniques.” (The guy practiced too hard and/or incorrectly and went berserk.)
  4. I was nearly murdered by the poetries of this paragraph. It mangled me and vice versa.   

Yay, I posted early today. WRH is such a smooth-talker.  

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 9 Part 2

Originally posted by Spearpoint Translations

Everyone remembered that the thing that had just been said, replied: “Demonic Sect replaced it because of the matter of Jade Mountain Stage (1).”

Jade Mountain Stage.

The second time Ye You heard someone mention this name, curiously asked: “What happened at Jade Mountain Stage?”

“This is a long, complicated story. When the Demonic Sect came to the Central Plains in the past, they were very arrogant. Also seeing them to be a perverse trend, many people called them Demonic Sect…” A 30-year-old hero in the crowd opened his mouth to say.

He put in order the main threads and said, “But that’s all a little bit of trouble. The real cause is that the Demonic Sect and the ones in the Five Lakes and Seven Sects have fought and were sorted out. The seven factions all have a close relationship. After calculating the accounts, the results was they were sorted out again, and other helpers were called for, but they were beaten too. Not waiting for them to have movement again, Sect Master Ye first single-handedly found the Alliance Master and asked for a statement. The two groups set up a meet at Jade Mountain Stage.”

“At that time, it was very troublesome. Orthodox Path was afraid of the Demonic Sect. Most of them went. Who would have known that there are only five people in the Demonic Sect side, only five people.” The knight couldn’t help but click his tongue. It was a faint longing for the taste, but he did not say anything after all, and took a sip of wine.

He continued, “The first sentence Sect Master Ye said that day was he heard some people in Orthodox Path like to say something when they are not in the enemy’s home. ‘To deal with this kind of demon head, you don’t need to talk about the righteousness of the Jianghu. Let’s all go together,’ the Alliance Head has always been highly respected. This is unreasonable.”

Ye You laughed, and secretly changed he would certainly do the same, and asked: “And then?”

The hero said: “For others the Alliance Master need not speak, he will certainly not do that, and then Sect Master Ye begin to reason with them.”
Another person interjected: “Yes, Sect Master Ye’s mouth was too fierce, saying that they are originally Central Plains people, but is now merely bringing some foreigners’ friends back home. If they are not welcome, that should be the end of it. But everyday they also point at their noses and call them Demonic Sect. Furthermore, they bully, mad dogs are not so shameless, but also Demonic Sect have not stolen your house’s steamed bread and did not burn your house, but repeat again and again they are evildoers, please have some evidence first. People from the Five Lakes and Seven Sects say they extinguished entire family, and the result Sect Master Ye’s smiled and asked a few words, finding their arguments full of loopholes. At that time, their faces are ashen.”
Ye You asked: “How long has this been?”

“5-6 years, it happened when they first came.”

Ye You’s heart was on alert, on the surface he admiringly said: “The memory of the hero is really good, this matter you remember for so long.”

Everyone waved their hands: “The main reason is that this paragraph was listened to through the art of song-storytelling. It will be backed up after listening to it a few times, but it is said that what Sect Master Ye said is more teeth-gnashing than this, and furthermore part of the Orthodox Path that believed in the rhetoric of the Five Lakes and Seven Sects followed to help and were all damaged by Sect Master Ye, and their expression were all unsightly.”

Ye You understood.

“Furthermore, Sect Master Ye said that there must be a statement about this. He couldn’t be scolded by Orthodox Path for this long, so there should be a martial arts tournament that decides. Three victories of five matches. If they lose then they will apologize and leave, Orthodox Path loses, then in the future they should not be like mad dogs and start business when there is none. Demonic Sect brought five elders, and the result was a five-game total victory.”

Ye You asked: “Sect Master Ye did not make moves?”

“Well, some people originally wanted to fight with Sect Master Ye, but Sect Master Ye said that they are strong, and who can match the Sect Master. As long as his subordinates lose one match, he will personally go to the next match, but what a pity…”

“But I heard that after the five games were over, there was a swordsman who was not convinced and wanted to fight Sect Master Ye. At that time, a group of people did not see how Sect Master Ye moved. When he returned to his senses, Sect Master Ye had already flashed to behind him.”

“Oh, yes, it seems that there is such a thing. Fortunately, Sect Master Ye did not kill, otherwise the swordsman would not even know how he died. Once others saw, they would not dare to act rashly.”

“Then they left?” Ye You said. “But if they win, why does Orthodox Path call them a Demonic Sect? Isn’t it said they haven’t done anything evil? Is it possible that Sect Master Ye turned the name of the school into Demonic Sect?”

The people said with a smile: “Noble son has guessed right, during the martial arts tournament, a Demonic Sect Elder heavily injured someone, and for a time Sect Master Ye was guilty, to make up for it, he decided to change the name of their school into Demonic Sect, hoping that person will feel a little better.

Ye You smiled and thought that the personality of this Sect Master Ye seemed to be a bit like him. Shixiong said that he has been missing for many years. Can’t he be Sect Master Ye?

Everyone said: “To tell the truth, Demonic Sect is very nice sounding, at least better sounding than before.”

Ye You asked: “What was it called?”

Everyone said: “Yellow Gold Sect.” (2)

“…” Ye You ate the thought that had just flashed in his mind moments ago. He secretly thought it might not be so, that he could extract such a name, even if he is playing, he will not take this.

Then he is in line with the character of Sect Master Ye, so he entered the Demonic Sect?

Can he be the kind of person who will follow others?

Um… If this Sect Master Ye is really impressive, it is not impossible.

The more people drink, the more they open up. They discuss that Sect Master Ye is nine feet tall and strong like a ox. He can stab people to death with one finger. Ye You listened very emotionally. He called a few pots of wine and began to ask for something else. Seeing that they had a question and must answer, in a moment he was happy to drink two glasses at the same time, so quick that Knife-Scar Man couldn’t stop it and could only take the cup away.

The group of people drank until the sky was all darkened and one by one took their leave.

There are lanterns hanging on the streets. People come and go, it is still very lively.

Ye You stepped onto the stone bridge and saw a round moon on the river. He was about to look at the beautiful scenery. He only heard not far away there was a “crash” water sound. He looked over and found three people standing under the bridge. They are all dressed up as scholars, and there is still a person in the water flopping.

“This time I will give you time to learn your lesson, but the next time we hear you say malicious words about Lord Wang, I, your father, will cut your tongue!” The tone of the scholar is quite inconsistent with his body’s outfit, and his temper is very violent.

Knife-Scar Man also glanced at him and said: “This dress is the person of Dingtian Academy.”

Ye You said: “Dingtian Academy?”

Knife-Scar Man said: “It is a Jianghu school, built in Suzhou, not far from the Wang family, their Principal Ge and Lord Wang are friends for many years.”

Ye You recalled during the day the people he saw at the lobby. He seemed to hear his family’s Shixiong call a Principal Ge, and nodded. “How far is it?”

“It is separated by a river.” Knife-Scar Man said and pointed, referred to it for him.

Ye You turned his head to size up the river’s opposite shore’s imposing academy, his heart faintly flashed through a thread of thought, made a “Hm” noise.

When they returned to the Wang family, Wenren Heng had already returned from Manor Lord Wei’s, and didn’t know who he was talking to. Ye You had not yet entered the house. He heard his shixiong sigh and sighed: “Seeking I have found, but I now my shidi is looking like this. How can I take care of anything else for the time being? The matter of getting married has to be let go first.”

Ye You: “…”

Knife-Scar Man: “…”


  1. This was previously mentioned as “stage of Yushan” in Chapter 3 part 2. Yu = Jade, Shan = Mountain. I will fix inconsistencies later.
  2. “Yellow Gold” while it could mean “golden opportunity” or “prime time” it is also slang for “excrement”. Ye You originally named his sect “Shit Sect”.

I loved this chapter part.

Record of the Missing Sect Master Chapter 9 Part 1

Originally posted by Spearpoint Translations


Less than half a day after the notice, Suzhou City’s streets and alleys, teahouses and restaurants – everywhere one can see people discussing. When Ye You passed, he heard a few whispers about whether or not Lord Wang could have done any shameful shady business. If Wang family Head heard, then blood would likely be sprayed out.

But then he didn’t worry, because people quickly stopped talking and as they saw his “lantern”.

As the sun sets, Ye You passed by three inn in a row, and finally stopped at the best in the city. He walked in and suddenly feels that this place is really good.

The three blocks of the restaurant are two-storey. There are bridges between the galleries and the two floors. There are also elegant seats on the upper galleries, (1) hanging curtains on the outside, paintings on the walls, and bonsai in the lobby. When they entered, the singing courtesans are performing a white silk sleeve dance, the appearances of the body are wonderful, and provoke one to stamp their feet.

Ye You smiled and said: “Sure enough, it is interesting to come out. It is much more fun than eating with my shixiong and the others, right?”

Knife-Scar Man silently gave a tear of sympathy to their School Master.

Ye You did not want to be in a guest room, but wanted to sit on the first floor at a single seat. He ordered a few small dishes and two pots of good wine, and slowly ate. Knife-Scar Man saw him pour the wine and hurriedly blocked his way: “School Master said that your injury is not better, you better don’t drink it.”

“Then isn’t this wine wasted?” Ye You said, “Why don’t you drink it all?”

Knife-Scar Man shook his head. After the last “night walking sickness” incident and the days following along with him, he could see that this person is not easy to deal with. What’s more, for so many years, this is the first time they see School Master need a person. It is obvious that Master Xiao is important to the School Master. He naturally can’t make anything go wrong and said: “It will be good to bring it back later.”

Ye You said: “This is not good.”

Knife-Scar Man immediately wants to say, “I will take it, I will never let you be tired”, but he would continue to listen to this person say: “It was very difficult for me to step out, to only get two bottles of wine is too pitiful, how about buy a few more barrels.”

“…” Knife-Scar Man swallowed back what he had wanted to say before. “Possibly, I am going to call a carriage.”

“Yeah, what you said to order, I think so too,” Ye You sighed. “But unfortunately, I only have enough money to eat, so I can’t bring anything to my shixiong. Well, it’s better I drink.”

Knife-Scar Man: “…”

He suddenly missed his family’s School Master, probably only the School Master can keep this person under control.

“I can’t drink with my injury, you don’t want to drink, then give it away.” Ye You looked around and made an invitation with sincerity.

People don’t know him, but they know Knife-Scar Man, so they have been secretly paying attention to him for a long time. Now they all look at him and then stand up. This noble son wants the best wine in the restaurant, especially since watching it seems to be related School Master Wenren, how can they not be curious.

Knife-Scar Man only just blinked, and then was surrounded by a group of people from all sides who “shouted and cheered”. Encircled by a crowd that was all Jianghu, it suddenly felt like a mountain had suddenly pressed down, and he thought only he looked at Master Xiao alone, who was as if this was not too many.

His nerves were stretched and was afraid of someone doing something, but he really thought about it. Ye You just wanted to chat with someone.

Several people reported each other’s family clans. The people expressed their surprise at Ye You’s identity as “School Master Wenren’s Shidi,” and felt that the decision to come over was correct.

The words gradually opened and quickly turned a certain topic.

Ye You said: “Is it or is it not the work of an evil sect person?”

“Speaking of this is not good,” said a tall, thin man with a crescent shovel. “Perhaps it’s true there is hatred toward the family, or it’s an evil sect that’s causing trouble.”

“I heard that this Lantern Extinguishing Poison is very ferocious. If the poisoner is caught, they will never be left off lightly,” Ye You said. “So to have the courage to do this in front of orthodox sects, the strength should be very strong, if it is the evil sect’s signature. I don’t know which faction has this confidence?”

Everyone said: “Well… definitely Hopeless Palace and Demonic Sect .”

Ye You said: “Hopeless Palace?”

Everyone was surprised: “Noble son doesn’t know?”

“Well, this younger brother’s body is weak, and has been sick at home for these past years. This is the first time going out,” Ye You said. “Besides, shixiong, this younger brother knows no one in the Jianghu. Not knowing anyone, I can’t help but turn toward chivalrous heroes to please teach one or two.”

The moment everyone heard School Master Wenren, and called “chivalrous heroes”, all over they are happy, and immediately did not lack speech, and the words were without end.

“The name of the Palace Master of Hopeless Palace is Xie Junming. The strength is very strong. The Hopeless Palace is from the Western Region. In the Central Plains, it has been around longer than the Demonic Sect. Before the Demonic Sect came, most people called the Hopeless Palace the Demonic Sect.”

Ye You said: “Is it changed because the strength of the Demonic Sect was stronger?”

“No, I think the Hopeless Palace is even stronger.”

“Who said? The Demonic Sect came to the Jianghu and in less than half a year they stood firm, it’s stronger compared to the Hopeless Palace. Sect Master Ye’s martial arts are even more unfathomable.”

“It’s still debatable which is up or down.”

Ye You listened patiently, waiting for them to finish arguing before he ordered a round of wine at the right time.

1) I completely gave up on these sentences. It described the interior of the inn and how bridges and walkways connect or whatever, but I can’t grasp what is what.